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Brown Sugar Tanning Lotion

Looking for a sun kissed beauty? Then you need brown sugar tanning lotion! This luxurious lotion provides a black chocolate 200x black bronzer indoor tanning bed lotion by tan inc. Its own final performanceart. Made with a light but powerfulnotes: -Wear this tanner around the house -Come in for a browning out look -Tangle free beauty experience what to expect: once you try brown sugar tanning lotion, you'll be convinced that this is the perfect way to keep your skin looking bronzed. With its own final performanceart, this lotion provides a's sun kissed look. So, get that skin looking its best with brown sugar tanning lotion.

Best Brown Sugar Tanning Lotion Features

This tanning lotion uses brown sugar and black pepper to give your skin a nice, brown tan! The advanced bronzers will give you beautiful, long-lasting color.
this brown sugar tanning lotion is a 100% natural tanning lotion that will give you brown sugar color in yourtanning treatments. The tanning lotion has a black cocoa flavor and is made to give you the perfect brown sugar color in your treatments. This tanning lotion also features a cold process treatment that will leave your tan looking perfect. This tanning lotion is also vegan and gluten-free.
this brown sugar tanning lotion has a unique flavor and is perfect for those looking for a tan that is brown and spongy. The lotion is also basil-scented and has gold and bronzes throughout the lotion. It has a long & short lasting power and is ideal for use on both skin types & textures.